Life is what you make it.

Cutting edge

One thing I have learned is that life is what YOU make of it. You can’t control all the events in your life, but you can control your willingness to participate, and I intend to get the best out of all the opportunities that comes in my direction.


I was born and raised in Aarhus with my parents and my two year older brother, and live today in my own apartment in Frederiksbjerg in the center of Aarhus, where I am responsible for the common areas of the residence apartment block. Besides that, I am the vice chairman the board of the owner’s association.

Because of my strong connection to Aarhus, I have a rich network of friendships and close relations, both academic and personal. My network means a lot to me, and I partly have my network to thank, for many of the successes I've had in life. One of the things I like to do to keep in touch with my acquaintance is by practicing my hairdressing skills, as I have an education in hairdressing from the years after high school. I enjoy small-talking while cutting friends and family, it is a time when I can get an update about what’s going on, i get new ideas and inspiration, and I can give back some of my knowledge and experience. It's a great way to network with people, that i probably wouldn’t see in other connections, that’s why I enjoy this profession.


In my spare time I love running, biking, swimming and keeping myself in good shape. I love all my study jobs and my voluntary work at the associations. I’m always busy and love to work on many projects at a time. Besides that, I cook, bake, decorate my apartment, travel, read books and newspapers and I looove skiing, and had two seasons as a skiguide before I started my studies at the University of Aarhus.

I’m outgoing, energetic, love challenges, love to feel the adrenalin kicking, always happy and positive, I’m a true optimist!


How I perceive the world and make decisions, is according to the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI), an ENFJ profile, which stands for:


•Attitude: Extraversion

•Perceptive Function: Intuition

•Judging function: Feeling

•Lifestyle: Judging




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